1 Submission, 12 Top Investors in Southeast Asia

Submit your deck in a minute. The investors (see below) look at it and independently reach out if they're interested.

How It Works

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We look for companies at $10M valuations and below. Any sector, Southeast Asia only.

We Review Your Deck

At the end of each batch, the investors (see below) will look through the deals individually.

We Reach Out

If an investor is interested, they'll email you directly. We don't invest as a group.

Your New Favorite Investors

Peng T. Ong
Managing Partner at Monk's Hill Ventures
Shiyan Koh
Managing Partner, Hustle Fund
Hsu Ken Ooi
Managing Partner at Iterative
Ed Barker
Principal at Square Peg
Andy Hwang
General Partner at Wavemaker Partners
Kum Hong Siew
Angel Investor, Former COO Airbnb China
Nicolas El Baze
General Partner at Partech
JJ Chai
Angel Investor, Founder of Rainforest
Piruze Sabuncu
Partner at Square Peg
Brian Ma
Managing Partner at Iterative
Kuo-Yi Lim
Managing Partner at Monk's Hill Ventures
Samira Shihab
Principal at AC Ventures

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for SEA Checks?

Anyone is welcome to apply as long as they're primarily focused on or located in Southeast Asia. We're primarily looking for companies valued at $10M or less and invest between $150K and $3M.

What are your typical check sizes?

That's up to the individual investors which are quite diverse in terms of stage. The short answer is between $150K and $3M.

What happens after I submit?

All submissions go into an Airtable that is accessible by all investors. Every 2 weeks, we send an email to investors asking them to review the latest batch of submissions. Investors look through that Airtable to see which startups catch their eye—based on their website, description, deck links, and more.

The investors individually reach out to founders if they're interested. We don't invest as a group because we each have our own fund. If you don't hear from us, it means no individual investors were interested.

We don't provide feedback on your deck submission. We just route deals to the investors.

I'm not raising right now. Will you run this program in the future?

This is the first batch but it’s likely we’ll do it every few months. We recommend you apply if you think you might raise within the next 6 to 9 months. 

How many investors will I meet?

Investors will reach out to you if they are interested but no guarantees. We can guarantee that they will receive your deck.

Who will my information be shared with?

No information will be shared publicly. Any decks that are submitted only go to the investors associated with SEA Checks.

I’m an investor. How do I participate in SEA Checks?

Please sign up through this link and we will contact you.

1 Submission. 12 Investors.

Submit your deck to 12 investors in less than a minute. We each write checks between $150K to $3M+.

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